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How We Engage


Engaging principia/RAID experts is as easy as calling, emailing or texting us. Our experts are happy to facilitate a virtual initial consultation, free of charge.


principia/Raid services are typically contracted via a Statement of Work (SOW) that can scale according to the size and specific requirement of the project or program, however there are some notable exceptions:


vCISO (CISO-as-a-service) and vCIO (CIO-as-a-service) engagements are typically executed on a retainer basis with a negotiated monthly fee that scales according to the business requirement, with examples starting from as low as 4 hours of effort/week. This model effectively provides the ability to pay for only the amount of service/expertise required while assuring a consistent level of quality and delivery. Businesses that don’t require a full-time IT exec can leverage this model for increased return on investment. Other businesses whose requirements are not constant can engage on an as-needed basis, managing their costs more effectively while still meeting their compliance or regulatory requirements and ensuring that they have a qualified and experienced team on deck. This model is attractive to many businesses as it will deliver higher skills at a lower cost than onboarding your own resource.


Some compliance assessments (DFARS/NIST/CMMC/CJIS) use a common methodology and defined process and set of procedures. As a result they can be provided as a more ‘packaged’ service offering. Some tactical engagements are also packaged, such as penetration testing. If your requirements fall into these categories, please inquire for further information.


Outside the SOW and packaged engagements, should you require, we can also engage on a daily rate or hourly basis as necessary. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your specific requirements.


"The principia team was really responsive and they engaged fast - we're really happy with the value they've delivered."

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