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principia/RAID is headed to Black Hat

Aug 2021

After the incredibly weird, but extremely busy year we've had we're beyond excited to get back out on the conference circuit. We're especially looking forward to seeing our colleagues and friends in person again in Vegas in August! 

If we haven't met or spoken yet, find us and introduce yourselves for some good swag and let's talk Cybersecurity.
And be advised, we plan on collecting (and making good) on a year's worth of virtual Cybersecurity related beverage wagers!  
Happy Holidays from principia/RAID

Dec 2020

Season's greetings and Happy Holidays to all of our principia/RAID clients, industry colleagues, business partners and friends.
As 2020 comes to a close, it's been a more than interesting year, so we thought we'd send it off with a new take on a holiday favorite. Check out our holiday tale 'Twas the Breach before Christmas.
We're looking forward to further growth in 2021 and send our sincere thanks to all.

The CIO Initiative Summit - Savannah, GA

Nov 5, 2020

Jeff Roberts will be speaking at this year's CIO Initiative Summit on Understanding Third Party Risk.
The CIO Initiative is an industry-recognized think-tank that coordinates CIO-related research and activities, serves as the integration mechanism for CIO-related work of other organizations, and provides advice and recommendations on CIO matters.

The CIO Initiative Summits are invitation-only programs attended by technology leaders from Fortune 1000 companies and the top emerging entrepreneurs of the tech world. This gathering of CIOs and other influential leaders from America’s most important companies focuses on the most innovative and effective efforts that organizations are implementing to stay ahead of fast-breaking trends; trends that can make the difference between a company finding a competitive edge or disappearing into oblivion.
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What Every Business Needs to Know About CMMC

Sept 24, 2020

Alagen is a principia/RAID delivery partner, providing managed services and trusted solutions across the security lifecycle spectrum.
This webinar is presented to the BrightTALK community and others interested in cybersecurity best practices by principia/RAID.
The new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is more than a good idea. It's a requirement for companies that want to do business with the US Department of Defense or any company that's even remotely associated with that government contract. Simply put, if you're a company that supplies a company that supplies a DoD contractor (or if you want to be one), you need to be CMMC assessed and certified to work with that business. The days of self-certifying to the DFARS standards and coasting along with a POAM (plan of actions and milestones) are a thing of the past. Companies need to satisfy to this new compliance scheme (with some additional controls in some cases) coupled with actual third-party audits. While it sounds complex, and it can be, we're here to help. Whether familiar with DoD compliance or not, our experts can answer any questions you have and tell you what you need to know.
What is CMMC?  Who has to comply? How is CMMC different from DFARS? What are the certification levels?  How do I get CMMC certified?
Leading During Crisis Webcast Series - Craig Phillippe

Aug 26, 2020

Jonathan Otero's LinkedIn WebCast series focused on how to continue positive leadership and progress across different sectors of Information Technology in a post-COVID landscape. From Jonathan: "Since the pandemic started there has been so much Digital Transformation and changes to the Business Strategy. CIOs and technology pros are no longer “just” the IT guys (and gals!), they are now being asked to take a more strategic role in the organization to help drive digital transformation throughout the business. Infrastructure is still critically important, but having a stable, secured network is considered a requirement for doing business. The IT Dept must have a solid understanding of the current and future business needs of the organization since we now all have a prominent seat at the table.

That's why my next guest is so important when we talk about IT and security. Join me as I chat with Craig Phillippe about how he is Leading During Crisis."
Leading During Crisis Webcast Series - Jeff Roberts

July 21, 2020

Jonathan Otero's LinkedIn WebCast series focused on how to continue positive leadership and progress across different sectors of Information Technology in a post-COVID landscape. From Jonathan: "Episode 4 of #LeadingDuringCrisis with Jeff Roberts, VP of IT for Cobham, is now ready to watch, and as I was uploading this one I was thinking to myself that the fact that I had to create this series is really unfortunate. However, getting a chance to meet with, and learn from leaders such as Jeff who have so many great views on how you can innovate and transform your business during these times is ultra fulfilling for me right now and I would imagine it will be for you as well once you see it.

Check out how much passion Jeff has for his industry, how much knowledge he brings to the table, and how he is 'Leading During Crisis'."
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