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What's a vCISO?
Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCISO) as-a-service is a high-speed, low-drag, non-FTE resource that can jumpstart your security program or easily maintain and continue to tune your existing IT Security Program.
principia/RAID vCISO service offerings provide a one-stop shop style team of industry experts that carry out the functions of the typical corporate Chief Information Security Officer (CISO): assessing a client’s current Information Security state; identifying security solutions and applications to bridge immediate gaps in ongoing security processes; architecting/developing/managing a security plan; providing guidance and expertise on required or recommended compliance frameworks.
One of the most important, and often overlooked, benefits of a vCISO is interacting with your Executive Board. The principia/RAID vCISO team has extensive experience in briefing Board-level Executives on the value and necessity of an Information Security program effectively, transcending non-technical backgrounds and translating IT into the language of business.

"principia/RAID on our team lets us spend only as much as we need instead of hiring our own full-time CISO."

Why do you need principia/RAID vCISO services?

You can recognize immediate benefits from the principia/RAID vCISO service if your Information Security program is causing you any of these symptoms:


  • You’ve experienced that vague sense of dread after being asked by your Executive Board to give a ‘Cyber’ briefing. We’ve all been there. The principia/RAID vCISO team is skilled at briefing executives on security related matters without causinfg undue alarm, but in a way that clearly illuminates the need for a well-developed security effort

  • You’ve been unsuccessfully trying to fill a CISO or CIO position. Finding the right candidate for a CISO or CIO role is difficult! Budgetary and even personality challenges can slow the search to a crawl, not to mention issues with relocation and timing. Onboarding a new security leader has never been more challenging (pandemic, anyone?). The principia/RAID vCISO team is experienced with leading distributed multi-national security teams. We can get to work on your Information Security program immediately as a less-expensive-than-FTE-CISO and hand off any existing efforts when you find the right candidate. Don’t increase your risk by waiting for the right hire.

  • You need to quickly address security gaps. Some security failings need attention right away – sooner than post-breach. If you already think or know that you need a particular security solution but don’t know how to get started, the principia/RAID vCISO team can quickly get the basics of your security function up and running as necessary.

  • You’ve experienced a breach and don’t yet have a recovery or remediation plan. Don’t panic. Other business have been there before and successfully recovered. But you do need to take action quickly. There are regulatory requirements depending on your industry sector as well as practical steps that need to be undertaken to protect your company’s reputation. principia/RAID vCISO teams have extensive experience in incident response and can guide your breach response in a way that minimizes negative impact and prevents further post-breach damage.

  • You don’t already have an overarching Cybersecurity or Information Security strategy, or even an Acceptable Use Policy. The principia/RAID vCISO team can develop a complete Information Security plan for your company, including a full suite of policies, procedures and standards.

  • Lastly, you just don’t know what you don’t know (and there’s no dishonor in that). There are lots of buzzwords and acronyms out there. Some you might know. Some you might not. Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Phishing, Spear Phishing, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Encryption, Dual-Factor Authentication (2FA), Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)….the list goes on. We speak the language. The principia/RAID vCISO team can create a strategic roadmap to establishing an effective and compliant Information Security plan.

What will principia/RAID vCISO Services cost?

As security practitioners, we understand that getting clear pricing from providers is difficult. principia/RAID is a different breed of information security consultant. While our service offerings include many smaller-scale engagements on either a Statement of Work basis or daily consulting rate, the vCISO service is effectively a CISO team on demand that scales according to the level of business need and includes a minimum weekly hourly commitment aligned to your company’s specific requirements.


Companies starting their security journey at ground zero or needing specific deliverables (ie establishment of a complete set of policies/procedures/standards) can expect the retainer to increase proportionately to the level of effort required. Engaging the principia/RAID vCISO service can make serious fiscal sense from a value-for-money perspective when considering the comparable FTE cost of an average CISO.

Pay only for how much CISO you really need - call principia/RAID and let's talk about how we can help.

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