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Enterprise Cybersecurity

Following any Cybersecurity incident response, health check or wellness assessment, either internally or as a contractual requirement, steps will inevitably be required to either improve or maintain your security posture. principia/RAID can help.

Some security gaps identified in a security assessment will be easily remedied with simple procedural adjustments in the way you do business.  Others may require actual technical solutions, such as multi-factor authentication, encryption capabilities, or even access management improvements. principia/RAID can oversee the implementation of any required security additions. We’ll get the solutions in place and running smoothly, or help you develop entirely new toolsets and approaches to secure your business-critical data assets.

Project or program management

Risk remediation of identified vulnerabilities

3rd party service provider management

ITDR guidance and review

Business Continuity Planning

POAM management

Policy and Procedure Documentation

Compliance management as required

Solution design and implementation

Ransomware protection

Backup and recovery solutions

Implementing ZERO-TRUST methodologies

Deploying MSSP services for security oversight

Encryption and multi-factor authentication solutions

Secure remote workforce deployments

Incident Response advisory and prep

Board and C-Level advisory and tabletop exercises


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