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Cybersecurity Minute Series: 2021 Resolution - Improving your online security: Part 2

Cybersecurity Minute Series: 2021 New Year's Resolution - Improving your online security. Part 2: Throw out the Trash

This segment, based on our blog post linked below, continues our Cybersecurity Minute Series with the second episode of a multi-part discussion of recommendations to improve your online security for 2021. Part 2 reviews the importance of deleting old and/or unused applications from your desktop, laptop, mobile devices and tablets to ensure that your threat profile is minimized..

principia/RAID is a Washington, DC based cybersecurity group delivering information technology advisory and consulting services with a specific focus on information security and compliance management. principia/RAID's Cybersecurity Minute series highlights key areas of cybersecurity concern, provides tips and guidance for improved information security, both enterprise and personal, and discusses relevant recent news or developments in the industry.

With almost 50 years of combined cybersecurity experience and expertise, we can help you.

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